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The cost of self-improvement

What if, instead of the current broken system, we paid people to go to college, providing they performed adequately in their classes, and charged tuition for people to serve in the military. This would make sense if you look at return on investment (ROI). People with four year degrees contribute more to society than those without, while military veterans are often a drain on society.

Just a thought. Now it's time for my nap. :)


Many people prefer public schools for a reason. The costs, but how to determine who gets funds is difficult. I am willing to bet it's a better system. But motivation is more a key to success in schools than intelligence. Remember the average person represents the majority of the population.

How to determine that is tricky. Grades are a big reward already. Unless the person was mentally ill, depressed, old, something to do with a mental state or emotion I don't see much chance for success. That's what they should do after rehabilitation. After the person is cognizant of the importance to be motivated. Maybe have counselors for this. They make the school and parents responsible. But IMO maybe counselors should do more. Also people with IQs of over 120-130 make the most discoveries. They are not still the majority. I agree this would make sense.

Also, IQ tests are subject to change. One of my brothers had 128 while the other had 90. The one with 90 IQ made his way to a more prestigious school (ivy league). That being said he did go to a rich person's school (not a prep school). But the school itself had a lot of average students. Also, rich peers perform better than people with less money. Middle class is another issue entirely.

The potential of students is accomplished by their motivation. I see it as a way of behavior.

Students who have money choose less risky careers.

To debate with a psychologist is on things such as working memory which is good for majoring in math. But that is a debate I don't know fully well.
Irwin -- very quasi- or neo- or post- or sorta- (choose one prefix) Marxist proposal. I like it a lot. Society needs all manner of distasteful tasks completed: blocked sewage pipe cleaners; extremely obese person's asshole wipers; problem halitosis assessor and monitor--people taking on these kinds of disgusting jobs would earn in the $150,000/year range. All citizens would be required to take an extensive Skills and Aptitude Test at age 14. Based on results, they would be streamed into appropriate education and training. All citizens would also take a battery of Like/Dislike tests. Those prepared to volunteer for jobs they disliked intensely BUT showed Aptitude for, would receive bonuses and rewards. People who scored at the top of the scale in, say, brain surgery, politics, cosmetics, and cooking would receive world-class education at no cost, but would earn only $40,000 and get basic housing only . . .but they wouldn't care because they'd be doing what they love. It's an excellent plan which would revolutionize the way we work and result in happier, more fulfilled workers.

Acquisition of wealth would be built into The System not only as a sin, it would be illegal. Contentment would be measured in a variety of ways (yet to be determined) and rewarded lavishly. Many such Utopian vision fail because of a terrible disjuncture between the plan on paper and the Plan in Practice. THIS Plan, however, springs from such a sensible and accurate foundation of individual and societal needs that it could not possibly fail.

I can hardly wait to see it put into effect . . . .
Irwin, tell me, who would "serve" in the military if they had to pay tuition for it?

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