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The circle is complete

My love of writing started with a story about a demon, a priest and a thoroughly nasty piece of work who ate the immortality of all and sundry. It was inspirational to write, but taxing to read due to my ineptness... Well, I'm back rewriting it now, but with a chunk of inept removed... It feels a bit like meeting up with your childhood sweetheart again, decades on. - A mix of warm naive memories and the sharp pain of that first rejection...

I don't know if I can resurrect the love affair, but we sure have a lot to talk about.


I did the same with my first short story. It had a great idea for a plot, but the writing was bad enough to make any creative writing teacher cringe. I recently found the will to exhume the old story and have written an outline to turn it into a novel.
It seems to me, that the secret is, not to try too hard, and just let it be.
I won't elaborate, you know what I'm saying.

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