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The Charming Guide for Organizing Time

I am posting this in my blog for personal reference, but you may utilize it to your writing endeavors as well.

PrinzeCharming;1951820 said:
I was on the Badminton team in high school! I can hear the chuckles in the thread. If you play it correctly, you'll realize it's more intense than an average backyard sport. Well, you have the goals. You have the right mindset. Hey, you're even associated with the right online community! I hope we can motivate you to do all that you plan to do for 2016. Family is important. That's great that you remember to spend time with them. I often write until my fingers burn through the keyboard, and my cat stares at me like, "Uh, feed me? Now."

Well, stop worrying. We have to focus on your procrastination. If you like TV, set it as a reward. You have to train yourself to take things you've had for granted as rewards. If you write x you get y. If you write 1,000 words, you can watch one show. I can tell you that I invested in The Spark Planner, a successful planner funded and produced through a Kickstarter campaign, but I push it off. I am always in the moment to live life without planning ahead or as I go. I accomplish things without organizing time. However, I can provide some feedback. I'll personalize it for writing endeavors.

Kay, Graham, let's start crackin'. Ouch. Bad pun. Sorry. I personally like Honey Maid graham crackers.

Note: This is an exclusive guide designed at this very moment. It is personalized for Graham, when he has time, but anyone may use it to their personal advantage.

The Charming Guide for Organizing Time

In this guide, you will focus on how to refresh from a rewarding day to pursue your writing endeavors for 2016. You may alter anything you would like to suit your personal taste. As long as you're committed, success will follow.

Now, despite being on whim, let's take a word. Refresh. How do you refresh? Let's break it down as a check list and discover what we can do.

Enjoy tea.
Have a pat!

A good writer stays hydrated. A great writer enjoys nutritional brain food. Now, I hope you caught on, but we're now focusing on your other endeavor. Health. Every brain requires energy. Discover this energy by implementing wholegrain with a lower glycemic index (GI) to your diet. Set sail and eat more fish! Eat salmon on a weekly basis, unless of course you enjoy other high enriched fish with omega-3 fats. If you're not a fan of fish, you can still enjoy omega 3's through Earth's superfoods like Chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are great for Zinc, another essential ingredient for memory and thinking. Throw these in a blender for an excellent brain powered smoothie.

Personal note, I don't enjoy flax as much as I do with Chia seeds. Yes, the seeds that grow on famous sculpted heads. If not used often, flax will become rancid. It's not advised to eat rancid flax. Too much of flax can bind you up. I prefer Chia because the seeds absorb their own weight in liquid causing you to become fuller and allowing you to eat less. Now, let's move on to that blender. What about the fruit in your smoothie? Strawberries. Blueberries. Experiment with the endless opportunities from the garden. Next, stock up on Vitamin C. Grab some blackcurrants. Vitamin K can be great as well. Take some broccoli to your next side dish. Lastly, it's okay to get nuts over this one. Nuts have Vitamin E, as well as many vegetables.

The moment you change your health, the better you will feel physically as well as mentally.

This was just the prep! You know, the stretches prior to the workout. You need a great foundation before you dive into the good stuff. When you're ready, digesting all that great food, relax your mind. Turn the television off. Yes, I said it. Turn it off! Just let it go. Start reflecting on how you feel. Give yourself a questionnaire.

Questions to Ask Yourself
1. How do you feel right now?
2. Quick! Prompt yourself! What's the first thing in mind?
3. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your day?

There's obviously more questions to ask, but you should relax. Give your brain some momentum. In the process, grab some tea. Get something that will comfort you. Water. Water works great. Stay hydrated. Try to go for the decaffeinated tea. Now, the moment to focus. When you're comfortable, you can focus. I hope after the gym you already had a shower. Showers are great to set the tone for relaxation. When you focus, how do you make that happen? What do you normally do when you focus? Are you easily distracted? Just close your eyes. Give yourself some time. Breathe. Just inhale and exhale more often. You need to take everything around you, and push it aside. Let's reflect.

It was a busy day, right? Tedious office hours. Fitness. Social life. It was productive. Be proud of that. Write it out.

"Today, I feel _______ because I ___________ and it ___________ me to be ___________ ."

Just focus on you. When you start to feel the answers, embrace them. Don't write them out yet. It's like kissing someone. You want to run around in circles after a breath taking kiss just to express yourself. You also want the kiss to last as well. Feel the emotion from the other person. Take note how they caress you. Take note how your feelings caress your mind. A great writer truly understands their body and the language it speaks. You know what satisfies you. You know what type of high you can have for achieving great milestones or bucket list goals. Just take this time to feel the inspiration.

Now, let it go. Write how you feel. Build it up in a poem. Build it up in some way to let it out.

Here's an example:

Motivated like a train.
A train leaving the station,
for a destination we call success.
Achieving desirable results,
taking everything on board,
from letting go.

That's a refresh poem. It's literally taking everything on how I feel right now, and just letting go. Who cares about the grammar Nazi watching on the sidelines. Your feelings. Your time. Your progress. Make every minute count. As you develop different strategies and methods of focusing and letting go, you'll then develop a better sense of yourself. You don't have to share your work with anyone but yourself. When you know you're ready to step into WF with your work, then let it out in the open. Show us your work. The fact that you have work to show emphasizes the importance you hold for staying committed.

Lastly, give yourself credit. You deserve it.

Thanks for your time! I hope you can take my advice and use it to your advantage.


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