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The Burger Half-Eaten

My father-in-law is getting better. He is old, and sick, but he chose to live. He kept fighting.

Many would look at him, and write him off. My family did wonder if it was "his time". But we respected HIS wishes. He did not want to die.

After his massive infection, and loss of 1/4 of his body weight, Jim stopped eating. What he did choke down, he threw-up. Our marvelous "Obama Care" system only took about a month to run the tests to discover the physical cause for his inability to eat (an infected gland). The gland issue is now being addressed, and Jim is taking strong anti-nausea meds. He cracks jokes in a weak voice, and will soon be performing his physical rehab. He just needs to be able to reliably and safely get in and out of bed without falling.

I get it. In a world with over seven billion souls, it's easy to do the moral calculus and write-off an octogenarian. But in my book, he has more right to be here than many folks half his age. IF you want to go with that whole "value of a life" thing.

I value his life. HE values his life. Because it is a life worth living. Not WAS. IS.

And, to be honest, it was really only like 2/5 of a burger. But it's a start.
NOT and ending.


Good to hear. Even when your body fails you, it's the spirit and will of the individual that counts.

Regardless of how I, or anybody else, might value life, I feel that ultimately it is the decision of the life in question in this kind of scenario. If they truly feel like it is their time then so be it. If they want to keep on fighting and living even if they've got almost no chance? Let's give it a shot, I say.

It's tough for some people to watch their parents suffer. To watch them passing. But I think what's worse, is for the parent to have to deal with knowing their own child is hoping that their end would come sooner.

So good on you I say, for not being one of those people. For being in total support of your father-in-law's wishes, even when the odds aren't necessarily good.

My thoughts are with ya' Jim. Keep fighting the good fight.

I like the honesty in this piece. You can tell that you really like/love your father-in-law and that says a lot. A burger is always good food to help someone recuperate.
1. I love the title...

2. I envy and respect your commitment to your folks. Other people would have been more...reptilian...about it.

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