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The Broken Dreams of a Mad Poet

The Fifth Circle (the Angry)

It grows
It leaps
It lingers
It sleeps

It starts in the gut it grows it leaps
Into the head it lingers it sleeps

And it wakes

FIGHT- hit her in the head
STRIKE- she better be dead
BITE- my rage turned red

LIGHT- no more, no more, no more

The Sixth Circle (the Heretics)

Silent screams
Trapped in a box
Let this agony end and nightmare fade

I truly believed I did not deceive
God and devil
Are the same
Just names

God is a
I’ll recant and repent; turn down the flame

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This is truly a RANT!!!! BUT a poetic rant! SMooooKIN' HOT! I have been ignited in your flame Maestro.... "It starts in the gut it grows it leaps, into the heart it lingers it sleeps"... CHILLS!!!..
This is a wonderful wicked devilish delight...
i like IT...............heretics..quality..once again you match the artwork so well

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