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The Bazillion Soapboxes

While trolling the internet today, I was struck by the amount of ‘voices’ out there with so much to say, in many cases their words beautifully crafted, their thoughts just begging to be heard.

They—the author—are begging to be heard.

Everyone wants to be heard, to be listened to and, more importantly, to matter. Just look at the amount of Blogs and Facebooks and Virbs and Tweets and forums for everything and anything imaginable, all packed with countless individuals clamoring to be noticed, their soapboxes individualized with a million tags and bigger pictures and brighter colors and professional layouts they’ve either paid for, begged, borrowed or outright stolen. A mind-blowing forest of soapboxes, each carved with one common theme: “I was here.”

It’s actually frightening, in a weird sort of way. All of these people ‘speaking’ and very few 'listening' because everyone is ‘speaking.’ It’s like one of those nightmares where one screams without sound. Like if a bazillion people yell at the same time, will anybody hear?

It’s also sad, too, and that makes my inner social worker worry for them, knowing that few out of the bazillion will ever be read—could ever be read—thrilled with their own soapboxes and their dream (and some, their delusion) of grandeur. Their words might be skimmed in passing, yes, but will leave no permanent mark; the fortunate having their pages read and forgotten in a moment or an hour or a day or a year as their words give way to others words, the unfortunate never being read at all, drowned out by the many, and in having been missed perhaps missing the opportunity to impact someone’s life or even (Dare I say it?) change mankind’s future.

I was here,


Very, very astounding article here. I like your writing style a lot, and the signature at the bottom reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson's signature on his address to the youth of America: John J. Righteous Hypocrite.

As much as I enjoy the read, I cannot agree with you. I mean, I see nothing sad within this realm of too many voices. I myself have a blog, the sub-descriptor reads: A whisper in your ear. A voice that demands to be heard. It's no different than life in general, from my point of view. Those with the willpower will succeed. Those with natural talent that try hard enough will succeed. The chances of me reading this post alone are terribly against you, but I did. I read it, I enjoyed it, and if even in only the smallest way, you have impacted my life in the way I view things. Although I do not come to agreement with what you've written, I appreciate the opinion! After all, it opens a forum for me to say what I want, and no doubt, you've just heard me as well ;)

Thanks again for an insightful article!
For whatever reason, it struck me as sad and continues to do so, mostly because it seems so many are reaching out and so few are finding hands, so to speak. The more I think about it, the more I’m reminded of the song Message In A Bottle. “Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.”

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts. I’ve heard you.
Oooo... You know, now that you've put a beat and a tone to it, it is much more regrettable than I first thought. The thought of it, anyway. That, and I'm sure you're correct with the hands part. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there would would love to be having a conversation like this, but cannot.
Touche', and wonderful song reference :p
just like you said, a nightmare, everyone has a voice, everyone speaks but no one can hear
I agree that it's sad. The insightful minds are drowning in a sea of inanity. Someone throw them a life-saver!

What they need to do is hire a good publicist. :p

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