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The Apple of My E.Y.E.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
-V from “V for Vendetta”

When global warming increased after the last forest was cut down, forcing the people on the surface to go underground and build one unicultural revolutionary city close to the core in 2020 for 120 years, living there in fear of going back to the surface. This is the year 2140 A.D. But Erich changed it to the new calendar, 120 E.C. or Earth Core. Emperor Erich Depeche, 24-year-old literature student attending the Washington-Lincoln Memorial College, became Emperor after his father died as Erich started a task force program called E.Y.E. or Erich’s Youth Effigy 5 years ago. The E.Y.E. started taking over the Police Task force a year ago making the crime rate go up 80% in the last 6 months. There had been tales of families who reminiscence of the surface disappear out of the city as soon as the E.Y.E. abducts them from their homes. Emperor Erich and E.Y.E. have been hearing rumors of the National Humanitarian Effigy, a rebel association, have been taking out confident E.Y.E. members who were part of the surveillance and abductions of these families.

There in the massive crowd of young people, dressed in violet tunics with red apple shaped badges with the letters E.Y.E. stitched into them, looking at the stage that Emperor Erich Depeche would at any minute would walk onto. A woman walking at the edge of the platform of the Tracsit Train Station, a light rail systematic train station mall, near the Capital, Lincoln District, wearing a lavender violet tunic and a pair of sunglasses. “Erasure, are you there at the platform near the light railing tracks?” whispered a male voice in her ear. “Yes, I am, Aiden. Are you beside my cousin?” growled Erasure, losing her train of thought.
There at the stage standing Aiden, a tall muscular in his violet colored suit, smiling while overlooking the crowd. “You should see me on the stage, woman. You still want to be working for the Emperor or otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this mission,” said Aiden in a teasing tone. “Are you trying to get us both killed if one of the kids overhears us over their transmissions?” hissed Erasure, looking at the stage as she signals letting Aiden know spotting him. One side of the train station were signs of The E.Y.E. and their motto, Erich protects and We must defend flashing under the apple on a wisteria shade of violet background with pictures of some teens hailing Erich on either side of the flashing billboards.
Then a young man in a red-violet suit comes upon the stage as the crowd hailing him, chanting, “Emperor Erich Depeche.” Aiden nodded at Erasure as she vanished in the crowd. The young man lifts his hand as the crowd became quiet. “Today, we’re here to ensure our way of life. We have survived another year near our Earth’s core. Today marks 120 years since we left the surface of destruction. My motto: We must survive the Earth Core if we are to keep our earth. We live here now and shall not leave this place that we now call our home. “
As Erich was talking, Erasure walked into a security room with guards and shot them as she gently swung her duffle bag in front of her. She began setting up as she carefully heard her cousin’s speech as the crowd began roaring in happiness again. “Allow the N.H.E. to try to tear us apart. We will survive!” shouted Erich, as his E.Y.E. peers applause from their excitement of his speech. Soon he was done, a gun echoed as blood spattered from Erich’s chest. The crowd panicked to find his killer as Aiden and Erasure quickly disappeared. People of Under-City flooded the streets in excitement that Erich was dead.


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