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The Amazon Cannibal

I wish somebody would tell me what the heck is going on!

After watching this industry for 29 years, I think I've reached my saturation point.
Read this HuffPost article, written by no less than Mark Coker (Smashwords CEO and indie author). Anyway you look at this, to me it spells doom

2018 Book Publishing Predictions--Are Indie Authors Losing Their Independence.


In addition to this dire warning/prediction, tell me why, oh why, have sales and reviews dropped off almost completely for small/independent presses and self-published authors. I'm seeing this all across the board. I have not seen such a dramatic halt for reviews and sales, but I can say this: When you put a minimum dollar requirement of $50 per year for reviewers (who wish to enhance the resources of the written word), you are certainly going to cut out a vast amount of readers and fans.

And what is this cursed algorithm that ferrets out family, relative and friends from reviewing your book? I this all in the name of halting fake reviews and page number reads, as Amazon explains?

No one dares speak ill of Amazon's treatment for fear of a giant ax coming down on them. Anyone can be pulled from their pages, ruthlessly and efficiently. That is exactly what happens when a corporation gets too big and powerful.

Do you know why Amazon is producing brick-and-mortar bookstores across the nation? Do you know what this means? Do you understand what product lock-in can do the consumer populace?

I'm not a doom-peddler or naysayer. I'm well aware of the better points of Amazon as it pertains to indie publishing. I know all about leveling the playing field and ousting the gate keepers. Fair is fair, yes. I represent Guerrilla Warfare For Writers. I warn, and fight for the rights of authors everywhere. We are the producers--we MUST take control and demand justifiable resolutions. Without us, the literary world is a wasteland.

Chime In! Tell me what you think. What are your experiences with recent sales and reviews.

I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors. Never be afraid to stand up face to face with your nemesis and present your grievances.

The Warrior--Red Shifting.


Interesting. I remembered reading about this promotion of indie authors by Amazon, but got cold feet. Not just because I had to pay, but I was paying into a service offered to as many as would take it. In a field where you have to fight for recognition, if exposure is offered to a thousand other writers like yourself, are you really getting a special service?

Thanks for posting this.
Hi, Kaminoshiyo, and thanks for your comments. The special services that Amazon implants are high dollar deductions for the reader and Amazon itself. The author is forced to comply with Amazon special publishing services that make it exclusive. I'm a hybrid author, just one book out of ten, but I haven't seen any significant sales on that one either. It is not the writing and publishing of books that is hard today, but making any sales whatsoever is nearly impossible and getting worse. There is now, ie the article, more books that can ever be read. The pool is already diluted. Literature is at risk. Three years ago the industry was hopeful and proclaimed that audio books would pull us out of it. Guess who the major audio distributor is.

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