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The Age Discussion

Rambling time. Humor me!

Is it wrong that I hate old people? In the same way old people hate teenagers?

I hate teenagers too and I'm one of them. Others my age annoy me to death. They're idiots. I'm probably an idiot too, I don't know.

But I've noticed similarities between the two extremes in age.

They feel entitled to things or treatment even without having done anything.

We're both needy. You're needy when you're young and then you grow old and start wanting attention again.

A good bit of us are prideful, stubborn even. We don't want anyone thinking less of us, the very thought is insulting.

Now I've just offended a lot of people probably. I'm sorry I don't believe I should owe someone something just because they've been lucky enough not to die yet. That's probably rebellious and disrespectful. But what respect do I get as a young person?

You spend this period of your life being told to mature, grow up, etc, but what change is made toward how you are treated?

Regardless of your deeds or what kind of life you've lived, I feel like people still only see a child.

But some old fart that gets drunk, smokes and beats his wife will talk about how we have no respect.

Now, I meet plenty of nice people, and I love them to death. My grandparents are awesome.

I miss my granddad more than anything.

But those old dinosaurs that hang out in packs, do nothing with their lives, and whine and complain all day...?

The question I ask is, how are you any better than me? What makes you different? Experience and wisdom don't mean anything if you don't use them. Some people...clearly, are not.

I just believe respect is mutual, and earned, not owed. Don't give me respect? You don't get mine. Certainly not if you're a sack of topsoil that sits there all day. Sorry.

Now, that's the young person argument that everybody probably has phrased some way in their head.

I just had to write it, I guess.


The easiest thing in the world to do is to stereotype others based on differences, whether age, sex, skin color, creed or any other characteristic/attribute. Think about it. Print it out, read it when you retire. Warning - your perspective will change. :cool:

I certainly hope I didn't offend my friend, Crow. I think that for two guys who both got their rants on, we behaved gentlemanly enough. No blood on the floor, not much ink used, either. Peace, Bro Crow.
Whoops, how'd I end up in a blog. I guess my friend musichal led me here. Oh well. [This is not intended to offend anyone, so please disregard if I seem to have my head screwed on backwards.]

We all begin with nothing but instinctual behavioral traits, varying by degrees through evolutionary forces (trial and error mutations mostly). Then with very limited experience, all the questioning in formative years, and the misinformation of peer groups, we metamorphose into supposedly intelligent adults. Mind you we're all still limited to varying degrees in how far and in what directions this takes each individual.

One of the natural order drives imbedded in all life forms is a discretionary distinctive awareness, in its raw form per example how sharks and porpoises see each other, becoming ever more subtle as functionally dependent "intellectual" capacity increases along with patterning (profiling) capabilities.

On the downhill side of physical life, if one has continued questioning, coming ever closer to realizing how little we really know, we may come to see those natural order forces (necessary in maintaining a semblance of counterbalance in the life renewal cycle as life is fueled by life) as distracting to a degree in counteracting developed conscience (another counterbalancing natural force).

Whoa, I don't want submit a treatise here, so I'll just end by noting where all life forms begin:

"It is one of the more striking generalizations of biochemistry - which surprisingly is hardly ever mentioned in the biochemical textbooks - that the twenty amino acids and the four bases, are, with minor reservations, the same throughout Nature." ~ Francis Crick

PS: Crowley, this was meant as kind of a through the looking glass thing ;-)
I probably shouldn't comment here - I'm not sure what your age limit is for old. :)
But, I just have a small comment that I'm sure most can agree with:
On a bad day I'm not particularly fond of anyone, age/sex/religion/etc. not withstanding.
On a good day I have patience for most.
Sometimes those that are driven by anxiety/off the hook hormones/stress of life / etc. require lots of patience.
Likewise, those with anxiety/stress of declining health & physical pain require lots of patience, as well.
I can't guarantee everyone gets patience, though! It seems only some of us are gifted to have that, both as a younger and older person.

P.S. - watch out for Florida and Sun City, AZ!! Based on your blog post I don't think those would be your favorite places. lol

Well, when I was a teenager I was wild and moody and mean and a loner and a host of other things. Now I am old and I am still much the same. All I gained over a lifetime is better control and a few extra pounds. As Escorial says...people don't change. You are who you are...you do learn to hide it better though.
I disagree with the "people don't change" theory. People can and do. Perhaps we may not change a lot personality-wise, but behaviorally we can and do, and in the end that is what counts most, because your actions really do speak more than your words. That is my opinion; it isn't carved in stone. Neither are we.
Like computers, we process data and update our operating systems accordingly as we go through life. Of course we change as we age. Some old people may well feel entitled, the same may be said of some young people... and some middle aged people. Hey, we can throw babies in the pile too, always wanting to be fed and burped and giving nothing in return ;3 People are just people. We are the sum of our experiences and no two are alike.
The young don't always trust the old, the young tend to think they know it all; however, just because you're old doesn't mean you are right. I look back at my father and realize he was wrong about a lot of stuff. Hopefully, with age and experience things will work out.
You get respect based on what you contribute to society. When you're young, you're not really contributing: you play, you're housed, protected, educated, and hopefully loved. Elders found a way to contribute to society. They found meaningful lives. Some may have pursued careers, most pursued families, and everyone pays taxes. Furthermore, people change. Where once, she might have vowed monogamy, now she is on her third husband. Where once, he killed a person in a war, he dealt with that all of his life and reconciled. Life is hard. You gotta give people the benefit of the doubt.

"I remember Christian teachers telling me long ago that I must hate a bad man's actions but not hate the bad man: or, as they would say, hate the sin but not the sinner. ...I used to think this a silly, straw-splitting distinction: how could you hate what a man did and not hate the man? But years later it occurred to me that there was one man to whom I had been doing this all my life --- namely myself. However much I might dislike my own cowardice or conceit or greed, I went on loving myself. There had never been the slightest difficulty about it. In fact the very reason why I hated the things was that I loved the man. Just because I loved myself, I was sorry to find that I was the sort of man who did those things." -- C.S. Lewis

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