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that time again (language)

It must be Bitch-Fit Day.



Are trying to say that only females can be bitches?

I’ll have you know that I know a lot of males who regularly… In fact, I can feel my mensies coming. That’s what I said ‘Men-sies’. Like ‘men—‘

I often complain of it… the complaining. A catch 22… paradox like: ‘Everything I say is a lie…” Am I lying then, hmm, about lying? And when did it start? Which one was the the first?

Shit, right?

… that one’ll crash your computer.

I saw it on Star Trek …(yes, I’ve had my coffee… jabberjaw-tangent-scatter as good as ol’-fashion’ Reagan cocaine. So?) these evil androids (as if a machine could be…pff) Kirk figured out how to… Instead of banging her to death (oh, yeah, she was a hot computer…) (he… he… ah, Shatner…gawd I love him. “… more like ‘Ashton Douche-bag’” Oh yeah? Well, who got more, Him, or Riker? Ehh? You gotta admit…), he started in with these unanswerable questions. Next thing you know her head tilts quizzical-sideways, like a dog or cat when you make that annoying noise (Look! Isn’t it cute? No, no it’s not. It’s annoying, okay...), the smoke starts pouring out of her ears "… does not compute…" bzzt-bzzt... fsss. ( I wonder if he—you know—in the trailer? He probably—you know—did, in the trailer, in the star-trailer, you know, cause he's star...)

What? ‘Star Trek’? I shouldn’t have to tell you. What are you, a commie? Ah, whatever…
It must be Bitch-fit Day… again.

I guess if you don’t have something to complain about, you don’t have anything to say. It’s like Ground Hog Day; keeps repeating…
And here you go, you short-attention-span-idiots… I’m all done.

What? Throw a bitch-fit then. More the merrier.


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