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That Happened?

This week was so bad, in so many ways, part of me just wants to think none of it happened.

Orlando, Florida? I can't, and won't say any more about that.

Two cops killed by a terrorist in their Paris suburb home? While their three year old child watched? Not in a sane universe.

A member of British Parliament killed by a Neo Nazi? Seriously?

A bunch of Israelis killed by Palestinians in a market? OK, I believe this one. I just wish it wasn't so common.

A boy killed by an alligator at "The Happiest Place on Earth"? Rod Serling couldn't make that stuff up.

All the while, Russia and the US are arguing about who is bombing the right and wrong folks in Syria. Do the "bomb-ees" get a say?

I think sanity went on vacation and forgot to tell us. Hope it's back soon. Real soon.


The 24 hour news cycle does not help. If I were to ask you what happened in your life this week, what you saw and what you witnessed first hand, my guess is that your thoughts would be very different.

Evil has always done it's best to defeat both the innocent and good, that has not changed since the beginning of time. Horrific accidents have always been part of life. Being aware and being reminded of both, by todays instant news, certainly plays a role in how you view life. People who spend too much time on facebook have higher rates of depression. I would argue that anyone that has a cell phone glued to their hands texting, fairs no better. Today I fired a young guy, tons of potential, a good skill set who some how thought that talking or texting on his phone actually mattered, his life changed today for the worse, because he didn't have the discipline to stay off the phone. I have no idea what you need to chat about in the middle of a work day that is worth losing your job over, yet it happened.

The balance between being informed and being brain washed is a mighty fine line in todays social media frenzy
This world is one giant ball of human failure.

For years I watched the world news, read legit stories and followed political climates across the entire globe.

America, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, they're just the tip of a globally overwhelming iceberg filled with political dissent.

The middle east is beyond explanation at this point; the same can really be said about parts of Africa and no one seems to give a fuck anymore.

Terrorism is one component of what is destroying the value of humanity; religion, government, and military jingoism have all played key roles in instigating death in the past, but since the 1960s popular war has seriously become more and more dramatic on an international level.

Nationalism is now considered a sin.

People are doing everything within human power to make all the worst the events in the christian bible become true. Radical muslims kill christians for so many reasons that they can't even agree why.

The west has always been the best (srsly) but the east is just such a melting pot of the crazy, dysfunctional, and dangerous. Now, the west is falling apart.

There's too many angles and too many examples, and it would take an absurd amount of time to really articulate ERRTHANG that's wrong with the world.

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