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That Guy

We had some moronic, mandatory Federal training this week. The instructor tried her best (considering the vapid, insipid material she had to work with).
One thing the instructor did to "break the ice" was ask each person to introduce themselves and tell the class something interesting about them. I gave up the boring fact that I make my own beer (just interesting enough, but not crossing the TMI threshold). Some guy behind me, though, just had to Jump The Shark:

"My name's Joe. And I'm a Prepper."
(cue shocked and/or confused looks)
"Y'know, Doomsday Prepper."

Well, that certainly was "interesting".
For those of you that don't know, I've posted a series of Non-Fiction articles called "Ponder The Unthinkable." I consider myself a Survivalist. I spoke to "Joe" later, during one of our class breaks. He really was a Prepper. And not a good one, either.

First off, everyone knows you're not supposed to announce that kinda thing. Seconds after Joe's inappropriate disclosure, a couple of people were joking: 'Well, I know where I'm going for the Zombie Apocalypse!". Oy vey! Later, he's talking 'prepping' to the girl next to him. No fewer than three times does he mention guns... "Lots of guns." Even starts to get into specific calibers and such. He spoke for a few minutes, and I did not hear him once mention sustainability or networking. He came off sounding like some paranoid bunker rat that thinks he will just crawl out of his hole and rule the world.

And, I hate judging on appearances, but old Joe was about 30 to 50 pounds overweight. I really don't think he gets it. You Survive how you live. If you don't take care of yourself now, you won't be able to in difficult times.

I finally injected myself into his know-it-all diatribe:
"But it's not all about the stuff you buy, right? It's about what you know, too."
He answered with a non-committal shrug.

Joe was "That Guy". The one that thinks you can just buy stuff and survive Many like him think that the more things you have the safer you will be. Such a load.
I tried not to bathe in my own Schadenfreude arrogance. People like him scare me. Not because they're dangerous (to anyone but themselves), but because they are a really crappy example.

No man is an island. Some are just shallow reefs.


It could have been worse. He could have said, "I started this new home business and I am getting rich while doing it.... Let me tell you about Amway!"
What amuses me about preppers is how they always focus on one apocalypse; financial meltdown, radiation, zombies. I think how funny it would be if they sunk $30K or however much into a riot proof bug out shelter only to freeze due to extreme climate instability. This one-fixation mindset also doesn't help their credibility as well as in essence implying they are not actually prepared enough.
"It's about what you know." So true man, thanks for the read!

I usually do feel sorry for people like him, but I feel more sorry for the people who have to deal with the "Joe's" in their life. And I also feel sorry for the people who have to deal with the "Joe's" first, before I ever feel a single pang of pity for the Joe-people.

Much more respect for those of you, like yourself, who are way more down-to-earth and realistic when it comes to the prepping thing. I'm fortunate that knowing a lot of people might hopefully give me an edge in such circumstances, or at least help me out in the many places I fall short.

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