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Thanks, new book, rambling

Last week I had to start a new story to be happy. I wouldn't have had a single idea for a new story, except a thread here asked how to make a wizard interesting and I thought of an answer.

That was too thin of an idea for me, but a thread (second mention of WritingForums) had suggested Stephan King's book on writing, and I learned that his starting ideas were as thin as mine. So...it had to be possible to turn my thin idea into a small book.

Um, wizard. 16th century China was good enough for my cliche setting, but a thread here had mentioned that some readers really like the creation of a new world, and some like the creation of a different language style. So I tried to so that, and I LOVE it. I mean, I created a wedding ceremony!

Someone asked on a thread here why her male characters were flat. I tried to answer that. Which really means I tried to figure out why my male characters tended to be flat and how to fix that. The male lead in this book doesn't look flat to me at all.

So, one thing I wanted to say, was that I came here to learn. And it's working great. Thanks to the people who provide the forum and thanks to the people who make it come alive.


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