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Thanks, mr. Osaka

I don't know where else to write this, so I'll put it here:

To my professor:

Thanks, Mr. Osaka,
For accepting my project,
for letting me work
the severe angles and bar codes
in black and violet and gray.
For allowing the lines,
for insisting on the ruler
and the compass on driven

You asked me today,
"What's your story,
what's your background in art;
what are you doing at UCLA?"

You might freak out.
You might make a report.

I've been on welfare for the last
thirty years, in the system
for bipolar II and PTSD.
The Tea Partyer's don't believe
I deserve a life.
Going back to school
with these brilliant, stable
dedicated young people
is the hardest thing I ever did,
except to live. I've got diabetes
and hepatitis; I've got about
ten years to live. But I've got
things I want to do: I want
to be the world's leading
authority on surviving depression,
I want to learn to teach
and I want to learn to dance
with meaning-- verve and word.

Thank you, Mr. Osaka,
for allowing me the cells
and the glue, for asking the question,
for drawing answers,
and for my first design
in a new little line,
for giving me an "A."


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