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Take Your Meds

"Ponder the Unthinkable" addendum...

I'm a true believer Capitalist. I also enjoy my Latin phrases, like caveat emptor.

My grandmother lived through the Great Depression, and never threw anything away. She saw the expiration dates on consumer goods as overly restricting suggestions. Like always, she was right.

The U.S. Air Force commissioned a study in the mid 1980's after the DOD way overpurchased medical supplies.
(Remember, at the time WWIII was imminent, and it made sense to have a lot of medicine stockpiled).
The result of the study was conclusive: The government had no need to dispose of any med that was past it's "expiration date". It turns out, that most common pain killers, anti-inflammatory and the like worked just fine five to ten years past their date. There is a small 3-5 percent degradation of effectiveness per year in storage, depending on conditions So at ten years, most meds are at least at 50 percent effectiveness. Remember, some stored much better.

My point is simple: Fifty percent is better than zero. In an emergency, a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen could be a life saver. Despite what those pharmaceutical giants "suggest", tossing a bottle that's a year or two past it's date is just stupid. Always keep some basic meds in your emergency supplies, and don't stress over the dates too much. Just rotate them out as time and money permits.

(Disclaimer: Insulin and other 'perishable' medicines need special handling and storage. If you rely on these, take the time to make the needed accommodations prior to any emergency situation).


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