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Sweet Dreams are made of, What!!

So, one great aspect of life that we all as a species get to enjoy together is not the physical world, that we can touch and experience first hand but the other world, that we can only see glimpses of when our eyes are closed and our brains are busy playing with the darken canvas before it, I am of course referring to dreams.

Sadly, we do not remember all of our dreams, though maybe one day, we'll be able to tap into that part of the subconscious and watch our dreams on a big screen TV, the same as you'd stream Hulu or Amazon Video.

But there are those times when your mind does remember, and it's equally important to write down said dreams. Personally, I have had dreams that stayed with me since childhood, for some reason or another. Such as being chased by Freddy Kruger only to end up playing Nintendo with him. What I find most fascinated about these dreams is how vivid they are, rich in detail and storytelling. Most of them playing out as short stories with some holes for me to fill in later.

I heard that most of the people in our dreams are people we have seen throughout the day and may not remember, and this is possible as I see a lot of people in my previous and current job. So my brain has all sorts of faces to use for it's stories at night, some familiar and some not... though seeing someone who is a good person in real life being used in an opposite role in my dream is pretty amusing. such as a dream where my former boss and I staged an armor truck heist (this dream clearly had inspiration from GTA V)

I'm always appreciative when I remember a dream and can write it down, and work to figure out who or how my brain came up with such a story-line. Post-apocalyptic and dystopic being it's favorites. :p . not surprising and any Zombie Movie/show I watched will guarantee a zombie-dream.

A bulk of these dreams I've written down have been put together into one story, while others are standalone that I hope to write someday.


I don't know why evolution made humans sleep... can't find any good reason for it but the brain does not sleep an yet the body kind of does...cannot get my head around it...

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