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Suzy, the corn and the cook pot.

The phone call:

"...I need to know what time they're coming. I have laborers waiting; they're not cheap and I know that sometimes things happen. If they're not coming I'll need to know when.

"- So, if you could get me the the driver's cell , or their dispatcher, I can call them. Or, you could have them call me."

"They don't work for us. We hired a company"

"Yes... Okay. Then can I have whoever-you-hired-to-do-the-delivery's number?"

"You know... I've never had anyone ask for this before."


"Here's their number."

Incompetence? Laziness?
A lack of caring, or just morons?


Back in the caveman days- when everyone was still tribal...

Suzy was given the task, by her tribe, of receiving an important shipment: a sealed barrel of dried corn.

Now she was told that it was "extremely important", and that she "...must inspect this shipment as it arrives because everyone knows that there's no more corn to be had once it's winter. This being harvest season, it's time for us to stock up."

So the next day, the day of the delivery, Suzy waits and waits as she was instructed, and then around midday she gets hungry, so she runs out and gets herself a quick salad and then a smoothie at a local eatery.

Well, wouldn't you know it? - that delivery came and then went while she was out, so the delivery company just left the corn barrel on the delivery dock.

And when the other tribe workers came back from their break Suzy had them cart the barrel off and put it in storage.

Six months later, in the middle of Winter- when there are no crops to be found- it being Winter- the Tribe opens up the container.

The corn was moldy; it hadn't been inspected-

And so... checking their records, instead of that corn going into the communal cookpot as was planned, that pot being the one that the entire tribe relied upon so they could eat/ not starve to death in the Winter- (there being no other crops available)...instead, the club was brought out * bonk* and Suzy went into the cook pot in place of the moldy corn that she had failed to check and inspect upon delivery.

If only she had checked it they might've ordered a replacement. If only she had contacted the supplier or their delivery company the day-of to find out what time that delivery was actually coming she could've made plans and taken her lunch earlier, or later.

Of course, back then they didn't have telephones or cell phones. Not like now.



Poor Suzy! Still, in the end...I guess she served the purpose of helping her tribe, yes? ;)
Kev, I often get the feeling that you're not all right. But that's okay.
Long Pig. Yummy.

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