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Surprise in the post

So the postman brought me a nice little surprise in the post this morning. A postcard sent from Tacoma in the USA. From Robin Hobb ahead of her Uk tour and even though I will be unable to meet her on this tour as none of her tour dates are near enough for me to travel to I am glad that she is releasing her new book very soon. If I ever make it as big as her with my writing I want to be like her in the way that she responds to her fans and even goes the extra mile of writing and posting a postcard to her readers.

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What if instead of a post card you got a ticket to Tunis, Tunisia, a white feather, and a note that said... "If you dare... From Robin Hobb."

What would you do?
i hope you make it..i've always wanted to be a name dropper...HB is one of my fav authors only yesterday i emailed her to congratulate her on her new book...wow do you know her..i don't like to brag but buy the book it's amazin.....
Kaminoshiyo- I would jump on the specified plane nd go, damn right I would what an adventure that would be. I have managed to be able to travel to Sheffield to go and meet her so I am looking forward to that on Tuesday.

Esc-Thanks for the vote of confidence and I hope that one day I can make this come true hahaha.
I am like this with certain authors as I do post on their pages and have emailed them, like Robin hobb I email her about her books and things that she is giving away such as my signed bookplates.

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