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Submissions for Poems to Mayo Clinic - You Can Submit Till May 12th!

So instead of a blog, I'm working on a project collecting Cheerful, inspiring, uplifting poems or saying for the healthcare workers at Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville, FL. I'm opening it up to anyone here at the Writing Forums if you make it here to my blog site I guess......... Not sure where else it might be appropriate to post this...... I have the submission details on my poetry chapter website for all those details, so I'll save it by referring you there. www.northfloridapoetryhub.org Poems don't have to be new, written for this project, you can dust off your stacks and send in older work, does not have to be unpublished either, no restrictions there. Length matters, no more than 24 lines, all spaces counted, even between title and body of poem. I have to format the pages to include decorations with clip art, etc for presentation, so need to leave room for that on the page. I have sent in over 50 poems thus far and they are looking for more. Thanks guys. View attachment 25760


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