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So just a little blog entry as to what I've been up to. I have finished my poetry submissions for two anthologies and working on the contests now, deadline of July 15th. I'm almost through with my time/writing crunches. Whew! I've become the president of the local poetry club of Florida State Poets Association, and that's keeping me hopping, working on growing the membership and organizing meetings and so forth, all to be virtual. The unfortunate byproduct of this pandemic is I am becoming agraphobic and I'm afraid to leave my home, with good reason, everyone around me is behaving like there are no more COVID-19 virus bugs, and they are running around and mingling, spreading it and going about business-as-usual. Florida is the new hot-spot in the US. Wonderful, just wonderful.

At least I am sleeping better, attempting to carry on a healthier lifestyle or semblance thereoff, and if my health insurance company and physician's billing department would get just their acts together I would be much calmer. Anxiety is still high, but I'm dealing a little better than I had been. I'm better at turning off the electronics earlier in the evening and reading my book for an hour or more before turning off the lights. A little fantasy reading to distract the mind works wonders for peaceful sleep. Well, I guess that's it for a short review. I am anxious to get my contest entries finished, hoping to come up with some new poems for submissions and then get back to a more relaxed routine and more time on the forums.


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