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Strangers Hate Me

Hate me once, shame on you. Hate me twice, probably just a coincidence.
Hate me three times?.. What the hell am I doing wrong?

There must be something about my conduct, or my face, or my essence - that some people just can't stand.
The other night I was pulling into the supermarket parking lot, it was after 6pm and it was dark.
A man was lurking in between cars, playing the invisible pedestrian game.
As I pulled into the lot, I stopped to let him walk as soon as I saw him. He didn't move, and instead stood looking into my eyes with a hate that was piercing.
I eventually motioned my arms and mouthed the word "What?". He mouthed a whole bunch of filthy words at me, and finally started walking, all the while maintaining eye contact. I eventually did a moderan, rolled my eyes, and carried on.

I thought maybe my surprise was irrational. Maybe I was being an asshole driver.
You decide:
I pulled into the lot at a regular speed for someone who couldn't see any pedestrians.
Despite the fact that he was hiding between two cars, I still managed to stop in time to let him go.
And what do I get? Pure filthy loathing.

It probably wouldn't have bothered me much if something similar hadn't happened so recently.

A few weeks back I was driving up to a set of traffic lights. The light went red, so I stopped (at a regular non-scary rate) to let the pedestrians cross. An unkempt man with scraggly grey hair, big rimmed glasses, and a brand new bright red Paklite backpack (a stark contrast) started crossing the road. I must have made eye contact, and as I did, he gave me the finger. Not a funzies finger. A real passionate flipping of the bird. He flipped me an albatross.

My inclination was to give it back. But I was too shocked. He wasn't a customer of mine and I wasn't anywhere near my work.
I know I gave him a sad look, a look that said, "But... Why? What have I done?"
He was gone and I was bewildered. Then he came back from the corner he'd disappeared around, and stared at me some more. He started fumbling in his pocket in a very overstated manner - he wanted me to see. He took out his phone, fumbled further, and then pointed his camera at me, and clicked.
Right before he walked off, he held up his right hand with two fingers at me. As if to say, "That's two!"

My face = ?!?!?!

The third and least concerning event of a similar nature happened over a year ago. I walked out of my store and into the street, where a man immediately said, "Hey," and as I looked, "F*ck you."
Though this should probably be the worst of the three, as I was not in the safety of my car, it happened near work, and it is clearly stated in my contract that simply by working at Cash Converters I may receive some unwarranted hatred.

A word to all the haters - Give me a chance, get to know me a little, then you can hate me.


Good gravy! But you can write, girl. You could easily do a book of these lil sketches. Thanks for making me a verb. I like that:)
Could be worse. You could have done a feldman.
*Blushes* I'm glad you like my writing.

Have been thinking about getting these little things down, because I imagine, when I'm ready to write that book, these will be a good reference.
*nods* character sketches, prose poems.
*chortles* I'm a verb! I'm somebody now...thanks for posting. Seriously. Now let's go beat them LM people a little:)
Haha. Yes, eye rolling will now be known as doing a moderan.
I believe other definitions are:
bunny squishing
making tortilla chips
and doing actions in stars *chuckles*
Fun! I just wish I could do a feldman. That'd be super. *rolls eyes in opposite directions*
Right. I just googled. You mean a Marty Feldman. I thought you meant a Corey Feldman, and I was going to say "What is that, die?" but it was Corey Haim who died.

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