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Strange feelings...

This question is mostly for our female members, that have had children and isn't writing related...

So last night I had some pretty strange feelings in my belly, it at first felt like muscle spasms, but then I began to watch my belly and it was moving just under my ribs to the right. It feels like something is swooping inside my stomach and when I pressed on the moving patch last night, I felt like something push back.

Now I know this could be a variety of things but my fear is that I am pregnant and pretty far along. However I've not had any other early pregnancy symptoms, and the pregnancy test I did today was negative, but I can still feel something moving. It doesn't happen all the time but every now and again I feel it.

So I was hoping to hear from other's who have been pregnant could try and explain how their baby's first movements felt?


Like PIP says, the initial movement is like butterflies and catches you unaware. You really can't "see" much yet, its just a little ripple, inside. Eventually, you can feel elbows and knees, but much later. What you are describing does not sound familiar if this is your first indication. It usually doesn't start that visibly. But I would see a doc to be sure, Hannah. And gas, yes, definitely could be gas. Let us know :)
Thanks guys, I am making an emergency doctors appointment in the morning when it's open. I didn't know if I could have missed any earlier signs as my contraceptive stops my periods so I wouldn't have known if I'd missed one or all of them. I work a lot of hours on my feet so could have missed any smaller feelings. My stomach is more rounded, but I could just be getting fat, lol. I was ill over christmas and January but just put it down to working so much and the cold weather/ seasonal bugs. HEnce my worry when I saw my belly move, I've still been having the same feelings and will keep watching it until I can get to the doctors. I'm probably worrying for nothing and you have helped to put my mind at ease a little, so you all have my thanks for that. :)
Women should never dismiss a bloated stomach. Glad you are seeing physician.
The last time I ignored something, I ended up in hospital for 8 days with a burst ovarian cyst, so I tend to error on the side of caution now. I'm mainly scared that if I am pretty far pregnant then the child would have suffered due to my lack of knowledge. But will hopefully see what the docs say tomorrow. :)
Hannah, I wonder if this could be IBS? This is often brought on by stress etc. Google it.
My other half thinks the same Pip, doctors should be able to tell me, and most likely it will be ibs but better to be certain
Been given a clean bill of health, Doc's think it was just something in intestines large enough to be seen and felt. Thanks to everyone for your comments over he last few days they have helpped. :)
I have come pretty late to this, Hannah, and I am glad the doctor was able to resolve the intrigue of strange movements in your belly. Reading your post before all the comments, though, I was asking myself how you wouldn't know if you were already five months pregnant! That is usually when the butterfly sensations start, sometimes a tad sooner. With my second one, I felt them at three months! For next time, though, my dear, home pregnancy tests test positive only for a limited period of time because the elevated hcg levels show up in fairly early pregnancy. And you would have a bunch of other hormonal changes such as absence of periods and sore breasts even if you don't feel ill during the first three months.

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