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I am sitting on the unseen ground. It is pitch black everywhere. The only light I can see is the flashes in the lines between the door and the wall. A booming rumbling can be heard outside. Intrigued, I stand up from the nothingness. I feel the door. It is cold like steel and heavy when I strain to open it. I look outside and the world is dark and hazy blue, constantly raining and thundering. The only light is the lighting snaking across the sky. I am afraid but exhilarated. Is it better to be out here than inside the lonely abyss?
This dream reminds me of my very first memory. In a pitch dark room, My mother opens the door and tells me it's alright Mary you can come out. Daddy's in prison now. This confuses me but I come out into the light, leaving behind my fear of the unseen monsters and silence. My one comfort is the light coming through the door.
The very few memories I have of Home before I was taken away was our swing outside, U2 With or Without You playing on the radio, and the gentle rain pattering down. I have held tightly onto this one good memory like a life preserver in an ocean of nightmares. In an ocean of now memories.


I misread the third line as "The only light I can see is the flashes of the A-bombs."

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