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Stone Mountain in Georgia

Went to Stone Mountain today. It's a park in Georgia, next to Atlanta. We hiked the forest trail around the backside of the mountain. It was beautiful, big trees. bodies of water.

When we were leaving I saw the bas relief style carving on the mountain face. Something like Mount Rushmore, but flatter. It was of Bobby Lee, Stonewall, and our bestest, and only President of these Confederate States, Jefferson Davis.

You know, over in the nature park the roads were named after them, too, and yet just about evry persin we saw out there running an hiking was African American. And you know they were jus like watt- people: exercising and enjoying nature. And then as we were leaving we had to drive by all the buildings and the gondola that goes up that there mountain, and ever-body was either white or Asian. An I was thinkin that the Asians were probably remarking on how many white- American Sumos there are; well not all of em, but a lot.

So I texted my brother pictures and he right away recognized where I was. Funny, cause I'd never heard of it. My friend just brought me there for the hiking.

My brother said they should dynamite the place. I said I didn't know: I didn't know what the locals thought, black or white. Bein a persin not from there I couldn't say for them.
He said, Well, those are traitors. And I said they was 'separatists', I think. and that if they're traitors then our whole country- Yankee or Confederate was traitors, too. That's how we got started.

He said, yes, but they lost. I said, then how'd them there monuments get there?

Then he said all those monuments are monuments to slavery, and I said then the U.S.A. is a monument to genocide.

I was born in D.C. which is right next to Virginia. At the time, we lived in Virginia, not D.C. but we weren't born there, so we's Yankees. We moved away after a couple years.

I don't really know what it means to be a Yankee or a Southerner. Like I said, I don't live there. Whole place feels like a foreign country. Most states feel like a foreign country. They ain't nuthin like where I live. First off, they talk funny. That's all I got to say about that...


Went to Stone MT back in the late sixties and early seventies. We took the gondola to the top and walked about up there. Mom stayed on the ground being ascared of heights. Don't know if it's still running, but there was a train that went round the base. We rode that both times. We enjoyed it and the stroll at the top of the mountain.

Can't say much for the carvings going on. I don't remember much about them.

They do talk funny; but it I stay there long enough - five or ten minutes = I talk funny too. Course they probably think I talk funny before then . . .
Anita- They must have taken that train out. There was a paddle wheel boat out of service, too.

I did a little search of the place online. The carving is the largest of its kind. The original artist quit to go do Mt. Rushmore. As far as accents I didn't really hear much in the way of southern accents except for tourists. We talked to some ladies from Tennessee. They had heavy accents. I guess lots of people did say ' y'all '. I don't mind accents- just the opposite, really. I find them interesting.
Oh, yes, I do too! I usually can figure out what they're saying while others are scratching their heads. We were staying with my brother in law's parents the first time, and with he and my sister the second time; so we were hearing lots of accents! Lol, they do say y'all a lot! But, it's something any of us could fall into the habit of if we let it!

Back in high school, I used to be able to do a southern accent, a British accent, and a Montana one . . . all in the same sentence. Got some funny looks from the teachers. Had some friends from Montana at the time. So, five minutes in their presence was all it took.

I knew the carving was the largest one being done. Part of me felt it was an insult to that awesome rock, but another part wanted to see the finished carving. I've never been back though. Drove by on our way to Alabama when my brother lived there for a few years, didn't stray out of the state, although we talked about it.

Did go to Ruby Falls and Rock City in Tennessee on the second of those other visits to Georgia. That was an interesting tour. I'd love to go again sometime.

Now, have I been to interesting places here in my backyard? No. Maybe this summer!

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