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Stay a while and listen...

Whoever got the Deckard Cain reference, feel free to pat yourself on the back; you deserve it.

Now, on to more serious topics:

Today (yesterday, I should say) has been a very interesting day [ignore the rhyme, it wasn't intended] I have cleaned the cooker, or 'stove' for our American friends. Invested both time and great effort in to scouring the entire bath with both bleach and sponge (rough side) and, inevitably, suffered the realisation that the day was going to be rather dull. However...

During a brief lapse in my household duties, I talked with a friend of mine on the wondrous invention that is 'Skype.' After us sharing the usual greeting ("Hey, dude." - "'Sup.") his Mother came in claiming that neither of us got out enough (true) and we should get out in to the world and socialise with our fellow man (also true, but we deny the fact vehemently.) After much complaining and posturing on our part, we eventually agreed to go to a bar. Thus (once my friend had arrived at mine house and we had both worked up the courage to force our respective personalities in to the world - no mean feat) we left the house.

As we walked and talked - menial things, really: 'Why are we doing this,' 'I was watching a film with Dragons in it,' 'I could be fighting giant sewer rats with a flaming sword right now,' etc - we eventually reached a favourite bar of mine. Now this bar is famous for cocktails, but I found it charming because of the 1L bottles of lager that they sold. After two of these bottles each, we began to philosophise, as is the prerogative of 20-year-olds who are under the (false) realisation that they are the wisest creatures in the known Universe.

Our train-of-thought was this: The Human-Race is expanding at a most alarming rate; Due to our increased need to absorb information through various means (television, internet, radio, etc) it was my belief that human beings would undergo a unprecedented rate of both mental and physical evolution the likes of which the world has ever seen. Our minds would expand as opposed to our physicality, which would suffer in response. My argument is that, due to the need for an increased mentality our ability to perceive the world would change. The physical would become less important as what would normally take strength and skill to accomplish would, eventually, be completely overwhelmed by our need to analyse and code... Mathematics will overwhelm masculinity; code would obliterate courage; the algorithm with annihilate aptitude...

These are my thoughts on the matter; for the first time in genetic evolution, the artificial will affect the natural...

Please, argue with me at your leisure. I am very young, and, thus, extremely susceptible to outside stimuli.

As always, have a pleasant day. :read:


Hi, Sir, it's Zira here! Nice to meet you. I sometimes read your blog entries and find them quite impressive. This one in particular made me immediately think: "But why should I talk to humans? They never listen, they only want to say their thoughts." Then I realised that perhaps the reason is that they desperately need to get rid of information in order to make room for new data. It's like a ratrace. I guess I'm like them. It's sad. Anyway, I could make room for some of your thoughts and I'll keep them for a while, until a new wave of guests comes. My facilicities so badly need maintenance. I hope some day numbers can do that for me. =)
You're headed in an interesting direction, Sir (may I call you Sir?). Do a little google-surfing on astrobiology. The current thinking is that human consciousness should be quantifiable and, therefore, downloadable into some form of self-replicating (or, at least ,self-repairing) machine which can traverse the universe. Then 'we' get to do all of our own exploration without the limitations of the human body.

Have fun.
I'm starting to believe it was mistake making that username...

Anyway, sorry to get back to you both so late:

Zira: It's nice to meet you, too. But, honestly, at some point (despite all empirical evidence) we will have to admit that we are human, as well. At least until my friend finishes his nervous-system-USB-port. Joe, are you done yet? :-k

Karl: I have heard, and read, about the concept of astrobiology but I never knew it encompassed the possibility of... I don't know how to describe it... biologically-enhanced space-travel? I was under the impression that it was the study of life beyond earth... but then again, that does imply, well, everything. Thanks for the comment.

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