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Staircase of Depression

Staircase of Depression

It was the one thing he coveted the most.
Something he could present at a party with a toast.
But it was the one thing that it eluded him.
All those dollar signs that filled up to the brim.
It was his “plate of fear”
That after he came back he wasn’t filled with cheer.

Not cheerful at all to have all that money to himself.
He went crazy enough that he went to see a preacher to deal with the problem itself.
The one thing that he coveted the most was the winning lottery ticket.
And it gave him a whole lot of trouble in the thicket.
He won the winning lottery ticket for tossing a coin in a fountain.
He climbed and he climbed a steep stairwell throughout a mountain.

Not even a comb could scratch through or put a dent in his depression.
He wasn’t himself that he couldn’t have himself committed or have himself freshened.
He didn’t feel like toughing the money to buy a toy car for one of his nephews.
It wasn’t the money that he couldn’t refuse.
It was how to spend it on something for everyone but he just was gloomy that he couldn’t cry.
So he got himself some pot to relieve some stress but he got more stress when he got high.

So he hired a detective to find the best doctor to treat his problem.
He kept turning over in his bed at night thinking and wondering why he was so sad at the symptom.
It got so that the government through him in the backseat of a car
And they took him to someplace with white walls and bright lights that were very far.
Then one day, he had the most fun in a cart going downhill.
He wasn’t seen after that, falling from the staircase of hell into the deep end of the chill.

No one found his remains and his disappearance is a mystery.
But his story is the most interesting to hear of anyone’s history.
It’s a spiral staircase of any illness caused by anything.
If you don’t treat it right away, it’ll come back with a sting.
Talk to someone about it to see how you can deal with it.
Maybe you can start singing “John Jacob Heimer Schmidt”

March 29, 2011


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