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Staining my garden-fence...

I'd forgotten how relaxing wood-staining my garden fence could be. It's probably too little too late now. I can't tell you how many years I've been saying " I really must give that fence a go this year. Weather permitting." Well? Today? I did it. Or rather, half did it. It's a long fence. I couldn't say, off hand, how many panels we have, nine? Ten maybe? I stained four, got stung by nettles, tripped and fell into under-growth, broke the handle of my cheapo paint-brush in two, cursed some, and then decided to call it a day.

But hey! I had nice couple of hours out there , and boy did I slosh that stuff on , before the sun got high. Birds where singing, bugs were buzzing, yard-dogs were barking:chargrined:, and actually , I found that my fence isn't in bad condition. Now, my arms are aching and by the time I'd got things cleaned up, myself included, I was quite taken back by how my heart seemed to be pounding, I mean, how physically demanding can painting be? Maybe it's my age. Whatever.

Anyway, time for another, my favourite, cheapo now. My gutrot Cider with a lemonade top. Cheers!



Hoping for more dry weather and another crack at it at weekend.

Who knows ? I might just get it finished.
Whatever entertains the soul is a good enough reason for me in the right world. My family obsesses over small details, on cleaning. I have lost valuable software this way. There is a good and bad reason to entertain the soul that touches bases with home. Is it necessary? I don´t know. Some people find pleasure in beauty that is clean. Then of course there´s dirt. Now not that I enjoy that. It´s a classic repertoire in the conflict of family mother and son. Enjoy your activities, some people are natural ¨home-improvement´ people and don´t know it.
glasshouse I'm a bum at heart. A total slob. But I have my moments. I don't like things, eating conditions/ hygiene general and/or personal etc. to slip but at the same time I don't hold with the need to sterilise everything. Tidiness, is where I fall down.
As for my garden,sorry, our garden.​ Well, let's just say my wife and I have different views.
Another balmy sunny Sunday and it's first coat completed.
Was almost a non-starter because neighbours were in their garden but they went back indoors and so I cracked on.
It's so peaceful out there without people.
Ditto my last comment.
In spite of my [curious shall we say] neighbour.
Thankfully that's the half section of fencing closest to my house second coated now and next weekend, weather permitting, I shall getting further and further away, out of sight and out of mind of would be onlookers.
I'm on a week off work and I want to get out there and work on my fence. I really do. But damn it's hot there.

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