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I'm walking along an I'm thinking..how can you hate someone and love them at the same time.This couple passing me by now,are they feeling the same..look happy enough,then again everyone I see is having a great time and it's just me who's miserable.Been going on far to long all this,screaming,shouting,lovemaking and stress.I love her,I hate her,she cry's .I leave walk around for a while go back and say sorry.Sorry is all I say these days to everyone,couldn't make it,sorry,sorry but I'm running late.Things seem to be going from bad to worse in that flat,with it's cheap furniture and hit n miss style.Not the place I imagined I would be living in once I started work and she moved in,yeah!she moved in..sorry about that to.

Could go in the pub,sink a few..na!,best walking past and head for the coffee shop around the corner order a latte an calm down.Seated with me mug an mobile buzzing.I know it's her but I just don't want to answer it,worse thing ever invented when your in a relationship like this,always able to get in touch an disturb you.Text back instead..sorry x,don't even want a reply.If I stay in this much longer it will turn me sour but I think I love her and you know what I'm sorry about that too!.Opened the door,straight into the living room,she wasn't there but on the mirror was written in red lipstick,"it's over, sorry".Sat down and thought, I'm not sorry anymore or should I be sorry about that to?


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