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Something in the Night...

15th July​

There’s been some strange mooching’s afoot outside my tent at night, this doesn’t bother me too much as I’m within It’s semi-secure confines.
However, the night previous I had a strange experience having woken from a dream. I could here the unmistakable noise of a beast making a ‘hrrr, hrrr’ noise a short distance away from my tent before making a charge at something. At least dog-sized, but probably a bit bigger.
The direction it was moving in was across the side of my tent, not at it, but not away from it either!
Nevertheless it came a bit close and I had my big Benelli boomstick to hand for a few minutes should it think to tangle with the Ryder. Highly unlikely given it would have to tear through my tent first. But there area some dangerous and daft beasts around…
I really was a bit wired and buzzed for a few more minutes afterwards but returned to sleep fairly easily.
It was kinda exhilarating looking back, but fear can be a euphoric vehicle in some cases at the time.

The next morning I told Mike and he seemed to think it might be a passing predator. The night does bring them out and about.

This is a real Germanic style cabin zone, the Outhouse is pretty uber and MMM mentioned about it quite a lot as we neared it, so here’s a video of the ‘wunder-box!’



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