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Something I was curious about

Lately today something had been festering in my brain about the fact there was this abundance of white woman with best-selling novels and that really got me thinking? Why are there so many of them? Since 2008 when I started writing this had me perplexed a lot, and in the early days when I was doing my writing endeavors the strange thing happened.. I wasn't getting published and I thought it had something to do with the fact that I was Ethio or whatever but now that I have gotten over the whole ethio thing I was finally able to write a book and could potentially be the greatest book (I have to brag) but now it seems like as old as I am (26) I am still plagued by this fear that I wouldn't be able to compete with all the other authors from America(U.K) etc, because of my over-the-top obsessions with trying to be the best or whatnot. I don't know but if you ask me I really need some help.

Can someone please tell me I am not alone with these thoughts?


Women are more thoughtful than men, in general. You have to play your strengths. If you're like most guys, you're at a disadvantage trying to write a romance style novel. And in any work of fiction, women readers can smell disingenuous, two-dimensional characters and give those books the heave-ho. Story driven vs character driven.

The ethnic angle, idk. There are so many cross-over novels that appeal to all races. Authentic sells. Write what you are familiar with. Don't worry about white women along the DC to NYC corridor. The world is bigger than that.
Fewer men read. Fewer men are getting degrees now than women, too.

A white male poet was lamenting a couple of years ago that his work could not get published anywhere. He started to submit using a Chinese pen-name and his work was accepted almost everywhere. Not surprising to me. He wrote about it and published the story.
If retards don't want to buy or publish your book because of your gender and / or race, fuck them. But don't ASSUME that's their reason.

Sorry for the vulgar language, but I just don't have time for this anymore. My confusion over why somebody wouldn't want a *good story* (I'm assuming your story is good) because it was written by a guy from Ethiopia, is equal to my confusion over the fact that a lot of white people feel guilt for their melanin levels.

Every day I am tempted by this stupid bullshit to become a total misanthrope.

There's a lot of white women being published in the western world because there's predominantly white people in the western world, and women seem to be more interested in following these sorts of pursuits (or can afford to) compared to men, in addition to the fact that they read more as Sas mentioned.

It used to be a bit of a boy's club, actually. That's changed; for better or for worse I cannot tell, but mainly because women became the primary consumers of fiction and voted with their wallets.

You're only at a disadvantage writing a romance novel as a guy because women will be reading it, and well, there are some major differences in how men and women tend to view relationships nowadays. With the men you get something decent like "500 Days of Summer", or masterfully woven plots in anime as can be found in Steins;Gate or Your Name, and with the women you get "50 Shades of Grey" and "Twilight".

You can decide for yourself what you like, and write that. There's an audience for both.
Can we all agree Interview by Ann rice was a good book?

The movie wasn't half bad?

Women can do shit too?


Fuck worrying about these dumb bitches and publish your novel. It will stand if it's as good as you say it is irregardless of whatever dumb shit chicks like to read/women are releasing right now.

Be glad you can even publish a damn book at this point in social entertainment standards.
Wow I didn't expect to get this many comments! Yes I know I should complaning about these woman and whatnor but I was morbidly curious about this whole thing.
I think it's a meta-shift.

Look at the Avenger's movies, or any movies from as far back as you can remember. Hollywood tends to follow certain meta's that correlate to the current zeitgeist. When something slips into the limelight of public consciousness, Hollywood rides it to it's gristly end. Like shock-humor. Like female empowerment. Like inclusiveness. Cops shows. Superhero movies. High-fantasy. (Game of Thrones spawned a lot of similar shows with it's rise)

I used to be afraid that if i wrote a story, it would be rejected or pushed aside because it didn't fit a current meta, or marketing push at the time. I can't say don't take it personal because at some point in time, it may be personal. But none of this should really dissuade you from doing something you really want to do. If you really want to write, do it. If this is something more of a set goal rather than a personal desire, than you can afford to either make adjustments or seek another hobby.

In the end, the meta's always change. Ten years from now all this stuff will be old and ten years later it might be a rave again. Sometimes other people change it and sometimes you can change that meta. There are no assurances so writing will be a personal gamble for you.

The best to you.
It's an interesting thought. I find that there are many more female preachers, many more than 50 years ago. I like what Sas has to say, but it is definitely a thought worth exploring further.

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