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Something good?

Some may remember a preacher some years ago that claimed "Send me 20 bucks and something good will happen to you!" Or something like that.

That's B.S. of course, but I got to thinking well this new year maybe I'll accidently have a run of okay luck if nothing else.

That old saying if it weren't for bad luck I'll have no luck at all. Any way it started with a gift of $500 from my eldest brother, Jack, who passed last year. This would be classified as "mixed." His widow sent it, saying Jack wanted me to have it. I put it in a savings account (he would have liked that).

Next, I was approved for a bank loan that let me close out a very high interest credit card (I was bleeding interest payments, they had some rule that I had to pay off the loan within 3 months to prevent high interest - I couldn't do that with all our medical bills).

Finally, a blessing (?) in disguise. Woke up on the 2nd with busted pipes. I turned the water off, called my local handyman, he came over and fixed it for $20. Wasn't nearly as bad as I feared (except doing without water for a few days wasn't real pleasant).

Looking back in these things, they were not exactly earth-shattering, but I'll take what I can get.


It’s the little things we often overlook.
I’ve found my day is always filled with
many little miracles...others my say
coincidence but over the years there
a pattern which relates to ones
attitude and intention. And... it helps to
be observant as well as allowing the
miracles to occur...although they occur
anyways, we aren’t always aware of them,
attidude and intention are huge in helping
to create our miracles as is being receptive
and thankful.

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