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Something From Nowhere

You ever wonder why the Flash is super durable? I mean...technically such people are supposed to have one super trait. But the flash get's a pretty buff body and superhuman endurance and durability as well- to say the least. Being able to go really fast would be cool, but that would be a pretty poor power to fight with considering that you'd atomize your fist trying to hit something at that speed.

What happens here is pretty common. A superhero's official super-trait is sometimes augmented by unofficial powers in order to make the character viable as a weapon. And this is aside from powers simply thrown in after the fact- like Superman's boost to godhood with Superman Prime.

I'm not saying these aren't enjoyable, but it kind of made me sad in a way because think of the strategic sort of comic you would have gotten if the Flash just had super speed and that's it. He can't punch or hit something because he'd probably hurt himself as much or more than the thing he was trying to hit. He can't twirl himself into a hurricane to solve his problem (that sounds really silly now that I think about it...) for similar reasons. Rather, he is given a profound but limited advantage. It's definitely a boost, but it's situational and while most of our heroes are described as intelligent, having to negotiate real world obstacles with this potent, but risky ability (I think) would have made him actually intelligent. As in show, not tell.

I'm hoping our comics really get a boost because at the moment it's all power fantasy and it's a little numbing. Supposedly smart heroes don't do smart things and I think it's because we really just want them to dump power all over the place. I think the people who make such characters that get powers where they shouldn't get away with it because people don't care too much about legitimacy when it's giving their character more power, and they are especially prepared to stretch fictional legitimacy when their favorite icon is up against another favorite icon. At such a point, you have to really bring in the lawyers to prevent someone from stacking on abilities, powers, and feats that don't exist.

Well...who knows. Maybe a really smart​ comic (like Death Note...the original version) is so loved because it is so rare. Maybe, if all the comics were smart, I'd be begging for pure escapist sensationalism.


This blog had a humorous air to it, but also discussed some serious hopes. Well written! Keep up the good work!

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