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Someone throw me a burger!

Kick starting the best monday (oh forget you spell correct, I shan't capitalize monday, the dreaded day) that I've had in a long time, I figured I'd write something else and warm up a little before I begin my actual writing.

Almost being high noon where I'm at, and finally being back on a normal sleep schedule, I'm finally getting hungry during the day again! I forgot how much I eat. Already have the most of a coke and sandwich in me and I need more...

Boofy's scribbling me in as well and we might be getting a comic. How exciting and hilarious.

I'd just draw myself but there's no fun in that. Much better to see yourself represented in another persons style. I'm excited on a monday for a change! Muaha!

I finally have all my planning for my novel done. I have discovered that I'm the planning type. I simply cannot start with a blank page and write it all...Apparently I have to plan.

But today it's finished and I begin the story of Frederick Edmund Tamage, my favorite creation so far. I already have the little intro idea I had, now I begin fully writing the story.

I have decided most likely to just make it a book. And If I write further short stories they will stand alone. But my biggest idea is quite long term and fits well into the format of a long novel, so I begin it.

So today, on the best monday ever (can we make this a holiday?) I begin.

...Sadly though I'm still hungry.


Isn't it great when Monday's work out that way? Gives you hope for the rest of the week.

But dammit, I want a cheeseburger now.

Glad to see the creativity is flowing ^_^
Had a snow day today. So yeah, I'm with you, today was a good Mondas.

As for writing, I do a little planning and a lot of stream of consciousness. It's sort of a balance with me.

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