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Some bad times...

I have again been missing from my blog and writing altogether, for which I apologise but sometimes life does get in the way. I have been through some bad times in the last few months but I will be back on track soon so I have decided to dedicate myself once again to my writing. I do find that it is an amazing distraction and copping mechanism sometimes. I now have some unexpected time upon my hands again for how long I do not know. However I am excited to start another new chapter in my life and move on from the bad and onto the good.

Keep on writing.


Sorry life got rough on you. Hopefully things lighten up and you can come back in full capacity. :)

Keep on goin' trooper,

Im back for now may lose internet again but who knows depends on how long it takes to find another job. When life gives you lemons make lemonade or do the saying goes so in the mena time I am going to work on my novel and spend more time on here than I have in the last month.

Thank you Kyle for your support it means a lot and helps too.


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