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Sojorn in the City

Sojorn in the City​

After what seemed like a whirlwind of internet posting, shopping and waiting we were away again for another ascent into the Mountain Hold.

On the road north we saw thick haze and smoke from the fires, even at the Snowy Range it was noticeable.

Once at the Mountain Hold it was the feat of unloading gear once again.
The roof bag I’d bought was a real boon as the rear cargo area was RAMMED with stuff, much more than last time as Mike’s gear was inside too.

It felt a bit weird returning, there’s always a funny feeling that maybe someone might have been up on the land while we were away, snooping or even stealing stuff.
A careful check here and there saw all was well.
All our firearms were of course safetly stowed and on us. Mike checked the hallowed bunker and his locking mechanism was intact!

We had only two days before Britzen and BnB arrived, Mike and I added some more privacy to the Outhouse (a tin sheet so no-one could see from the high-national-forest wilderness).

I set up my backpacker tent again, just in case when they arrived it was dark and too awkward to set their own tent up.


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