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I drank too much last night
dreamed of electric sheeple
shooting tv's and doctors,
throwing Zanax and roofies
from second floor
bedroom bath windows
on to metal roofs,
pachinko-tinkling down pipes
out to the lawn
where squirrels waited
coming down out of the trees
rodent hands sorting/plucking
from in between green blades,
grabbing, gobbling, or
cheek stuffing
the abandoned
while the missed
sank beneath
making worms drowsy,
getting wasted, all of it,
everything, everyone,
the dirty-world
bottom up to the stratosphere,
bubbling cauldron-spilling over
the rim, dumping,
splashing back from cloud level,
falling to sea below where
plastic, blow-up dolls softly called out,
with simulated trashy moaning,
pucker-face, squeak-toy sirens
asking for me,
pleading - well almost -
give in to them,
give it to them,
accept the synthetic lotion on the one hand,
and then place it,
embrace it, cuddle:
their parts are yielding
yet tight, watertight
precision sealed,
and unlike the user,
will last more
than his lifetime,
passed on for generations,
becoming one with the family

I should not have drank so much.



you hide so much in your writing but your humour always remains clear.....an funny
escorial;bt13494 said:
you hide so much in your writing but your humour always remains clear.....an funny
'ere... 'sex dolls'. Can you imagine? I cannot. They're out there, though. $1000 and you can buy a silicone one that talks. Very life-like. I s'pose you could program it to say pick up your socks, and-would-you-put-the-g.d.-seat-down?!

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