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SochiS So What?

Someone call Bill Murray and and Andie McDowell. I keep waking up and it's 1936.

The world is shakily recovering from a global economic crisis. Madmen are running wild across the globe killing with abandon. The 'sleeping giant' US spends more resources navel gazing than promoting democracy. And, then there's that Olympic distraction.

Vlad Putin just doesn't have that swagger that the German Chancellor had back in '36. Of course, he has the same delusions of grandeur and arrogant despotic disposition. But at least Mien Fuhrer had the novelty of being new and fresh. Hate to break it to ya, Vlad, but your act has been played out last century. It didn't turn out well. Of course, since Putin idolizes Stalin, well, he sees things differently than the other seven billion of us.

We REALLY need another Jessie Owens. They're still out there, we just don't promote nor support them. Confronting evil just doesn't rank that high in the latest Gallop poll conducted week ending 1/31.

So we watch the fiasco in Sochi. Where the water is yellow, you can't flush TP, and feral dogs roam the streets. Really, not a bad investment for the billions spent. Cops with automatic rifles patrolling the streets? I'd be more worried about being brought down by dysentery. Maybe the police could carry antibiotics instead.

New century, new opportunities. I just wish that someone had the balls to take advantage of our blessings of liberty, before they are challenged for their very existence.

1936 was a pivotal year. Then again, so was 1941.


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