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So, uh, science.

There's a reason I don't have face-to-face conversations about it with people.

Something based almost entirely on theory, and yet obsessed over the smallest bit of physical evidence.

What gets me is that many speak of the big bang as it if it were fact.

If the observable universe is so big, isn't there good reason to assume it is also much, much larger than the piece of it that we can observe?

My point being, if the part which we can observe is nothing but a small piece of the whole, why is the observation that it is expanding considered as proof of the big bang theory?

For all we know, different parts could be expanding, contracting and exploding at different times.

But to make the statement 'the universe is expanding' seems a bit ridiculous to me. Just because the observable universe that we see is moving outwards, that doesn't mean that everything in existence is also expanding.

That is a very grand assumption.

And not something that takes a very long paper to make an argument against.

This may be my shortest blog post, in fact...

EDIT: Scratch that, I'll keep talking.

So I got a wacom tablet finally. Practice will start tomorrow after I've caught up on sleep.

I'll likely just practice in black and white to get the feel for it, make different types of lines, try different styles...

And then I can practice colors! Finally!

I was sick and tired of not being able to draw digitally.

It feels like selling out, but... I can still draw on paper whenever I want to.

But I feel it will still help me improve.


LOL. True enough, there are many theories about many things that people hold as truth. It's 2016, so the religiously political are about to pray at their particular altars as well- bowing and scraping to one political panacea or the other. In all of this, I lik to think there's a truth I'm not seeing, but I can't quite grasp it. Maybe, one day, we will know the answers to the why's of all things...

As for the drawing...I wonder. I'm old so digital drawing is new to me. I want to say it's fine if you draw on paper, it's your ideas that matter, but I don't know the world today... If it's something you really want to do, keep at it. Only a few people are naturally gifted at the things they do. Most work thir way up through their failures.
Digital drawing... Someone said to me that in regards to writing, they did everything on paper; said it was more authentic. I didn't get it. I just thought that digital anything is so sharable, which is really nice.

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