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So, let's share some madness.

I have too much time to think. And writing your thoughts is supposed to be beneficial, right? Here's but a fraction of it.

The world is not a dream. I am not dreaming. I know that. I am far too lazy, and none of my dreams are ever realistic enough to maintain the illusion for long periods. Eventually something would happen and I would realize it.
Despite the pain, I've always wondered what it actually feels like to have your tongue severed off. Something so deep. Even more than your arm, or your leg... Your tongue. To suddenly... have it missing... what an odd sensation. I can only imagine.
According to fiction, the body can store several types of energy. Some races do not generate certain kinds, other races have all of them.

Physical energy. ATP. What moves our muscles.

Mental energy. Neurons, synapses... The power of our minds.

Magical energy. Mana, ether, whatever you call it.

Spiritual energy. The soul. It's power. Has many interpretations.

Energies can mix. Mixing physical and mental energy through various techniques is incredibly powerful. Every other energy can fuse with the body and break it's limits, giving us extraordinary abilities.

Magical/spiritual, magical/physical, mental/magical, spiritual/mental...

Through the use of each energy type, our efficiency and maximum pool of energy increase.

Almost every known 'superpower,' if not simply explained by a biological mutation or function, can be sourced to being fueled by either of these four energies.


I do not believe we survive death.

However, it is impossible to contemplate the END of your consciousness.

It's not like sleep. Your consciousness ends completely, and there is no waking.

Try to imagine it. You can't, can you? It's an odd feeling.


Why do people have such conflicting opinions about love?

Most of love is a subconscious decision. Pheromones and other factors. However, this is nothing without conscious realization and effort. Otherwise, no matter how great your infatuation, your love, is, it will fail. Eventually. We must also make a conscious decision as to who would be best for us.

Despite what your body says, if a person is bad for you, leave them.

And even if you don't get butterflies in your stomach anymore, you can consciously like a person despite what your subconscious says about their qualifications as a mate.

Why is this so difficult for most people? I do not understand.


Why do we enjoy life?

If everything came about by chance... how is it that everything on earth turned out super peachy and pleasant for us?

If we were born from necessity... why would we enjoy it?


These are the thoughts I might process in a five minute period.

Now imagine hours.



There is no end to them.

Do you see why I play video games?

To quiet the thoughts.

Or they consume you.


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