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So going to try this blogging thing...

Not sure what to type on here so here we go, well lets see, I am very tired, got up early went 2 1/2 hr drive outa town to go pick up my Boyfriends paycheck, came back and proceeded to clean out my truck. I have been moving a lot here lately and my truck has became a trash/storage unit/driving thing. money has been tight and time for myself even tighter. bills are falling behind and I had quit my job at wendys (of 2 yrs) due to the poor treatment to my health conditions there. boohoo-boohoo, eh didn't really like contributing to animal slaughter anyways, too big of a heart on my shoulders to be working in fast food!

I'm drinking a ton of Noz and fixen to go make some coffee, mmmmm, my favorite...which leads me to this...I have caffeine issues, Caffeine detoxes...I drink so much daily, that now I require at least 2-4 cups a week to get through WITHOUT a headache.

I suffer from asthma, allergies, tendonitis, arthritis and degenerative knee on my left leg. So yeah, deciding to take it easy for a bit. Which is fine to me, been wanting to focus on myself for a looooong time now!

So now you all know something about me... LATER!


Don't mean to sound rude, but...why are so many things wrong with you?

Oh, and...Hello. Nice to meet you.

What do you plan on writing? What's you favorite genre?

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