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So, that new Samsung 7 just ignites during charging? You couldn't wait to get THAT? Now, you have to wait in line to get a less incendiary model.
And, just what was wrong with your previous phone?

Probably nothing. Most folks today just have to have the newest, "best" of everything. Since every human consumer with a net worth over $1,000 Dollars now owns major appliances, vehicles and $30k in debt, they must be sold MORE. OMG! Even water has to have stuff added to it to make it better! You must own better water.

I propose a simple, novel idea: Stop buying junk you don't need. And when you have to buy stuff, get things that are reliable and inexpensive.

I am soooooo looking forward to buying our next vehicle. We currently own a 2004 Ford Winstar with "a lot" of miles. Our kids are older, and we don't need a 7 seat vehicle any longer. Come to think of it, we also don't need the in-dash DVD, power vents, power seats, rear wiper or most of the other bloat it has. All we use the darn thing for is to occasionally haul stuff from Lowes and Home Depot. So, yes. The removable seats are handy.

I want to buy a 1970's Ford F-150 pick-up. Small-block V-8, C-6 auto transmission ('cuz I'm lazy) and needing some TLC. My son is just turning 15, and I want to teach him how to work on things. How to fix things. NOT how to read a damn diagnostic computer and do whatever the machine says. No EFI. Yes to a carburetor. And a distributor, coil, and all those messy things that make a vehicle a MACHINE, and not a SYSTEM.

I understand that I am a knuckle-dragging, beer swilling, gun-totin' redneck. My wife doesn't want a rifle rack in the new "old" truck. I think it adds ambiance. But it will have rust, and primer and Bondo. It will have faded paint on the remaining surfaces. Dents? Of course. Trucks are for working. I may need to buy a drip pan, 'cuz it may drip oil and / or tranny fluid. It will break down. And I will be able to fix it. An old truck doesn't have a spaghetti mess of wires bundles and emission control tubes. You pop the hood, and you see an actual engine! You can smell if it's its burned oil, or antifreeze. If a belt is broke, you can see it. Scratch your knuckles, and fix it.

Most '70s F-150s have an AM / FM radio. I bought a AA battery powered FM transmitter that I use with my four year old "smart" phone. No Bluetooth, but it'll play my digitized oldies from my phone through that vintage radio. The bit rate may suck. But I bet I could hear Steve Miller smiling through the static.


:) Yeah, you're right, we are never really satisfied if there's something better out there. I think it's a good thing to teach a kid as many different skills as they can absorb. If anything, it will help save him money in the future.
Neither extreme ever really pleased me. My dad is even more towards the end of the spectrum that you lean towards, but I myself am more toward the middle, between you and the extreme luxury-driven consumerism that has infected, brainwashed, enslaved, and zombi-fied society.

Yeah, sure, that means I am reliant on other people for some things. I don't have any hands-on experience with plumbing, or heating and cooling, but I have a general understanding of how they work--just not enough to fix them myself. I don't have any hands-on experience with fixing engines, but I know how to maintain a car, can tell when *something* is wrong, know how to not get robbed out of my money by "mechanics", and know how to wash one. Used to wash cars with my friend for money, including interior detailing, waxing, and all that shit.

At the end of the day, I feel like it's important to be knowledgeable of how things work. At least to the extent that you have a basic understanding, which comes in handy when trying to save time, or keep yourself from being ripped off. Sure, I'll be a little out of luck, or have to change my tune in an end-of-the-world or apocalyptic scenario. I've just decided to take my chances with that, and enjoy a *realistic* amount of luxury.

I'm not afraid to get dirty. I don't back down from a fight. I just prefer not to when I'm given the option.

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