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Silly Winds of the Night

Silly Winds of the Night

I went out of my door tonight
to walk to the store now.
It was rather windy and I
was tired and was feeling silly.
I walked past the hotel here
and the hotel apartments past the hotel.
Came to the mall's parking lot.
It was a cool breezy wind
at the mall's big parking lot.
I got to the Chick-fil-la
and spotted 4 state trooper cars.
I sneakily thought to myself, "What
such filthy bastards you cops are."
I walked down the hill
and off the sidewalk into the
road, giving future driver passerbys
my very special "Space Balls" salute.
Still breezy as I get to
the median, trying to get to
my destination and did the same.
I didnt care what people thought.
I just felt like I needed
to be a jerk for once.
After I got to my destination,
I went back through my route
again and after I got off
the median, I thought to myself,
"Haha, you bitches," as I crossed
the day-time busy road, feeling
rather silly in this constant wind.
I came home and finally, I
came back being myself and slept.


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