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Shot down

It's hard being shot down.
I have confidence in my skills. I've gone through intense training. My teachers have confidence in my skills.

Maybe I just suck at auditions.

I gave New York a shot, but the school there turned me down.

Feeling mixed emotions. On the one hand, my confidence suffered a heavy hammer blow or a shotgun blast. On the other hand, I think I just screwed the auditions and well... f*** them.

Maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was. But then again, I'm pretty darn sure I am because I've proven myself in these 18 months.

Really really sucks.



Being shot down doesn't mean you crash.

This reminds me of those bosses in the world who come around to where you are working every three hours and, after two minutes of observation, proceed to tell you what you've been doing wrong all day.

Some people just aren't born to be marionettes. Just keep writing.
Never quitting! Never ever ever. Just kind of stinks to be shot down, especially after spending months and months and hours and hours doing nothing but practicing.

And it's the drums mike, but certainly not going to stop writing either. ;)

Thanks for words of encouragement guys.

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