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Shot Across the Bow

Our good buddies in The Hermit Kingdom decided recently to pop their heads up. They want to play a game of Whack-A-Mole. This should be fun...

Some DPRK Army genius thought it would be good sport to hack Sony corporate intellectual property. Just some pedestrian theft and vandalism. When we in the United States called them on this, they retort with, "You best let this go, or we're gonna go all 9/11 on your butt". Wrong answer.

Yesterday, North Korea mysteriously "lost" internet connectivity for over nine hours. I personally don't think the U.S. was directly involved. It was probably some bored Dorito chewing kid in his parent's Palo Alto basement. The fact remains, if you're adrift in a leaky dingy, you don't try to lob cannon balls at a battleship.

IF these morons persist in this idiocy, I just hope someone at CIA / DIA can open up the playbook from the mid-eighties. At that time, the Soviets played the same dumb-arse game, stealing our secrets. It was blatant, and they didn't care who knew.
That was, until we let them steal some faulty natural gas engineering plans. They constructed their gas pipeline from the stolen engineering schematics. But, there was a hidden flaw. Hours after the pipeline went into operation, it exploded. Really, really big. We're talking Richter-scale, satellites orbiting saw the mushroom cloud... big. Their theft cost them billions.

You reap what you sow. And, as the saying goes, when you find yourself in in a deep dark hole, stop digging.


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