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Shoes fly from the window, careen for crosswalks

Space Cadet;2267621 said:
My neighbor—I call him The Mensch—appears to be a bit drunk this

morning. But instead of getting antsy with boredom and chain smoking until

falling asleep in his deck chair like he usually does, it looks as if he’s trying to

tie a falling ivy vine to his railing, to give it some guidance, I suppose, as to

where it should continue to forge on from the second floor…and beyond! I

guess his doing, karma-wise, is the right thing, considering how many times

he’s pissed off that deck onto his neighbor’s plants below...The ivy will

eventually catch on…or die. Either way, I should wave.

“Hello!” His ash, as long as the cigarette butt, teeters with grace between

his gums as he looks up from his ball of twine.

Life is better awake on mornings like this, I think, wearing

nothing but my boxers, and no shoes—having no shoes is the kicker when

negotiating a plea to unlock the door.

“Where’s Joni’s Nobel Prize?!”

“Maybe next year,” he replies.



The Mensch! Human unlike others? Or a human among others? Funny, I associate Mensch with a curse my German boss used to utter every now and again. Usually when he was irked by his assistant who never seemed to get his instructions right. Though Mensch can refer to an perfectly honorable person!

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