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Shall I compare thee to the autumn sun?

xiaoman;1924403 said:
SONNET (A Parody of Sonnet 18 )

Shall I compare thee to the autumn sun?
Although you are more gentle and warmer;
The fallen leaves one day will be sure done,
Then winter starts, to be the world's owner.

At this moment, autumn's wind blows my hair,
but it will die down and be sunny, too.
One should take care when sun is not there.
The lonely tears source, I need to go through.

But you are the one always shine my heart ,
Your love to me never fades, same as smile.
Though you're no longer here, I feel so hard,
I could not fight back, I was too fragile.

So long as I can breathe or eyes can see,
So long my heart has the room to thee.

By Xiaoman Oct.23, 2015


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