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Setting up the Cabin Tent - Continued

In the end we got it up and WR finally had his ‘cabin’ to work and sleep in!

Nice sneak windows with mesh

Here's some interior pics.

This is the entry / foyer room. I get it tidier later. I use this for storing all my project's gear, a table and chair. Outside a mosquito burner is usually going by nightfall.

Sleeping area, need to get this area filled with more stuff!

The only issue with it? It’s nearby the big shed-complex and when the wind blows the nearby structure creeks and groans like an olde sailing boat!

Some nights I can hear the resident porcupine gnawing away inside too!

I've had something fairly big 'brush' past my tent at night!
Should anything be daft enough to cut and slash it's way into my domain after nightfall while I sleep then....
A 'bang, boom, a bang boom bang' should discourage them

I only part joke on this, a couple were eaten by a bear a few years back and up in Montana a Russian guy got slain (by a two-legged meth animal) then robbed while in his tent


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