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Sentences using the word 'Prudent'...

Another word that made it into my cellphone Notepad. I'm always aware of it's meaning through the context of the writing, but I don't like that half-knowledge of being able to use a word, but not describe or define it.

pru·dent [prood'nt] adj 1. having good sense: having good sense in dealing with practical matters 2. carefully considering consequences: using good judgment to consider likely consequences and act accordingly 3. careful in managing resources: careful in managing resources so as to provide for the future

She stalked the restaurant kitchen, prudently making decisions to keep operations running effectively and efficiently.

After prudent consideration, the candidates have been selected.

A wise man will embody virtues such as patience and prudence.

Prudence’ is the scale by which we make decisions, weighing options and outcomes.

Prudent leadership is a sign of good intuition.

Hopefully, the imprudence of my father won’t stain my own common sense.

Prudence’ requires caution, shrewdness, farsightedness, and discretion--several qualities that remind me of a rodent conducting its business.

I was the most prudential of the group, so, naturally, even a bad decision of mine was considered among the few, sensible options that we had.


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