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Sefton park


No it's pure African..old and new...not keen on the authentic stuff but I do like the more modern mix...should be hot and plenty going on..
Oh no, reggae is from the Caribbean. And you put the word AFRICA in big letters up there. Thanks for not pointing out what an idiot I am.
Chair and bag full of eats an a book..or you can pay seven quid for a hotdog an overpriced drinks an stuff but I do it on the cheap along with the free music..only downside is the thousands and thousands of people who turn up too...ha,ha
Oops. Of course.
Can I distract attention from my stupid comments by asking how your painting is going?
Just done a scetch an bought some white the other day with a few brushes...usual pace for me..thanks for asking..
Shud be good as long as I don't try to dance to the beat...shud be alchol free day....

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