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Second drafts

second drafts which I promise, and in most cases am yet to provide are very important to us all.

unfortunately the task never seems to be one I can look forward too (even with the brilliant critiques received here) as it always seems a little like looking over the dead body of a friend so that you can comment that his nose was always a bit off centre, well maybe not that heartless but I'm sure most of you will know what I mean.

still like the under paid plastic surgeon I am I promise to endeavor to correct the less than perfect apparel of my pieces soon with the help of a trusted brio - (I hate editing on a screen).
unlike plastic surgeons I do get the pleasure of changing a characters insides as well , which can be very entertaining - for instance changing bill sykes background to cockney and his language ceases to be frightening and becomes entertaining :)

anyway I herby promise to honor all second draft commitments by the end of the week
(Shakespeare give me strength!)


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